Lauren and I went to Ludlow at the weekend - pram, baby and dog in tow.

We strolled around the outside market, did a little shopping, and stopped for a couple of coffees and cakes.

But then it came time to decide on lunch.

There are plenty of quaint cafés, bars and restaurants scattered around Ludlow. Frankly, we were spoiled for choice.

We ended up eating at Pizza Express.

When faced with choice, we, as consumers, will often choose the familiar over the unknown.

That's why it's so critical to make it easy for your customers to buy from you repeatedly, and why it's sensible to offer additional products and services they would otherwise buy elsewhere.

But, beyond that, that's why the consistency of your communication is so important.

If your prospects have already got a supplier they trust, it can be considerably difficult to tempt them away - even with the best offer in the world.

But if you're able to stay front of mind, you'll give yourself the chance of being their next choice if their existing supplier ever lets them down.

P.S. Did you know Pizza Express has been going since 1965? Rumour has it that the restaurant was home to the first Italian pizza oven in the country - although, it wouldn't fit through the door so they decided to knock a wall down to get it in.

Nick Fisher