Ejector seat

Florence is 6 months old today which means, scarily, it’s been just over 6 months since we fitted the child seat into the back of Lauren’s car, ready for the arrival of a screaming, defecating creature who seemed to hate sleep.

I prepared as much as I could.

We’d been to classes, Lauren had read books, and we’d spoken to friends with children, but the idea of being entirely responsible for a newborn baby remained absolutely terrifying.

Especially for me, having had no real interest in anybody’s children in the past.

As Lauren’s belly grew and the ‘big day’ approached, it wasn’t the birth that I was worried about…

After all, I wasn’t going to have to give birth.

…it was the journey home after the birth.

You see, In the hospital there’d be plenty of midwives, nurses and doctors around to make sure we didn’t do anything stupid.

But once we walked out of the doors and strapped her into the car seat, it was over to us.

As a result, I took the task of installing the car seat extremely seriously.

In fairness, I’m sure they’ve come on a long way in the last few decades, and the installation is a relatively self-explanatory process but, just to be sure, I did what anybody does when they’re looking for a foolproof set of instructions.

I went on YouTube.

I tapped in “How to Joie 360 Spin car seat” and, within half a second, I was faced with hundreds of results.

I followed them to the letter and, to date, the seat hasn’t catapulted Florence out of the sunroof.

Thing is, the way most of us perceive the value of YouTube and, largely, video as a medium, is as a tool for conveying instructions.

But there’s far more value to be extracted from video content as a business owner beyond just ‘how to’ content.

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Nick Fisher