TV's terrible for you, apparently.

It rots your brain. Makes you stupid. And sit too close and your eyes will turn square.

But while the majority of business 'experts' seem sold on the idea of swapping your TV for a library, Tai Lopez-style, Lauren and I still find time to watch the box.

More of that time is spent watching Peppa Pig than it was 6 months ago, admittedly, but once Florence has passed out with a bottle of milk in her mouth, we put on what we want to watch.

Which is when I first saw the Trade Centre UK TV advert.

You may have seen it too. But you definitely haven't heard it.

That's right. It's 100% silent from start to finish.

Now, even when we're not organised enough to record something so we can skip the adverts, we end up doing other stuff while the ads are on.

Checking our phones. Reading something. Making a cup of tea.

And, no matter how many times it comes on, I still look up whenever the advert comes on and the TV goes silent.

It's an incredibly powerful attention grabber, and that makes it extremely effective.

As businesses, we're all battling for the attention of consumers.

But it's not just competitors within our industry we're up against.

Your ideal customer is probably seeing messages from your competitors, but they're also being targeted by the likes of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

And if you can do something that gets attention, you're on the right track.

But, getting attention is only half the battle. The real win lies in being able to keep it.

That's where consistent content comes in. And that's where my team and I can help.

Drop me a reply if you need a hand getting and keeping attention.

Nick Fisher