I know you're going to buy

Mark and I had a meeting with a manufacturing company up norf yesterday.

It was particularly interesting, not just because of the nifty machinery they showed us, but because of their marketing challenges.

You see, they have an idea of the sort of customers they want to be working with, but it's such a broad market that they don't know where to start.

Sometimes, however, it's a little more straightforward.

I set up a new Ltd company last week.

And, as you'd expect, I've already had a few bits of post relating to it.

Thing is, none of them are from Companies House.

They've all been from business bank account providers.

Tide. Starling. Coconut. Anna.

The message is virtually identical across all of the letter:

"Congratulations on your new business. You're going to need a business bank account. We can help."

It's a smart thing to do, because these companies know there's an extremely high chance I'm going to need a business account to go with the new Ltd co.

Lots of businesses have these little pockets of 'guaranteed to buy' prospects - who are going to buy the product or service you sell - but aren't taking advantage of them.

In fact, they often don't even realise they exist.

So, who's guaranteed to buy what you're selling?

Nick Fisher