I still haven't got round to finding someone to cut our grass.

It's becoming a problem. I let the dog out earlier and lost him for 45 minutes.

Now, you could argue that's my fault.

I know Lauren certainly would.

But I don't agree.

You see, our job, as businesses, is to remind our customers to buy.

The number of times I've spoken with business owners who, when pressed, say the reason their conversion rate isn't higher is because their prospects don't respond to their email or voicemail.

Email or voicemail singular.

99% of us do the right thing when we get an enquiry.

We follow up.

We send them an email. We try giving them a call.

But a much smaller number do anything beyond that, by sending a second email or making a second phone call if the prospect doesn't respond or buy.

Had a single one of the companies I enquired with reached out to me four or five times, instead of just once, I'd almost definitely have bought.

But they didn't. They sent me an email, left me a voicemail, and considered their job done.

Box ticked. Enquiry fielded. Lovely.

One of the easiest ways to increase the number of prospects you convert into customers is to follow up more times than you do now.

One way of doing that is with a print newsletter.

One that goes out every single month, without fail.

Thing is, most businesses don't have to time to do one, so they don't.

That's where my team come in. By creating the newsletter and minimising your input, so your newsletter goes out every month on autopilot; working to turn more of your unconverted prospects into paying customers.

Curious as to how the process works? Drop me an email and let’s talk.

Nick Fisher