I stopped at the shop on the way home and picked up a bar of Cadbury's newest creation:


Let me walk you through the marketing process Cadbury deployed to get me over the line.

Don't worry. It won't take long.

#1. I saw the bar advertised on TV yesterday.
#2. I went out and bought the bar this afternoon.

Now, we know this strategy is proven to work; because it made me buy.

But I hope you'd agree it would be foolish to automatically assume the same approach would work for your business, or even mine.

There's far too many variables at play. For starters, neither of our businesses have the gravitas or budget Cadbury do.

That's obvious, right?

But time and time again I speak with business owners who experiment with marketing strategies because "it worked for someone else, so I figured it would work for me".

It's not a smart approach, even if you're operating in the same industry.

Instead, consider who you're selling to, what message you need to get across to them, and the best platform for getting that message across.

That decision process alone should determine your strategy. Not what someone else is doing.

If you're stuck for how best to market your business, hit reply and let me know. I'll help to point you in the right direction.

Nick Fisher