Bless you, Royal Mail

3 things are certain in life:

#1. Death
#2. Taxes
#3. Royal Mail putting the cost of stamps up

The price of stamps went up again at the back end of last month, with the cost of a 1st class version rising to from 65p to 67p.

It's not a huge amount, admittedly, but when Royal Mail announced they were increasing the price of a 1st class stamp from 28p to 30p in April 2005, the dramatic increase becomes clear.

At the time the rise was apparently "condemned" by consumer watchdog, Postwatch, which described the increase as "very disappointing". I wonder what they make of the price today.

So, how do I - someone who runs a business that posts thousands and thousands of newsletters each month - feel about the cost of stamps rising by 123% in 14 years?

Absolutely. Blinking. Fantastic.

You see, assuming everything is equal, if you can spend more to acquire a customer than anyone else in your market, YOU win the game.

It’s really is that simple.

If your competitors are only sending out emails, don’t think that gives you carte blanch to do the same.

They’re creating an even playing field, and you’re choosing to play on it. That’s not the game we want to play.

Instead, consider this:

If I'm a prospect wanting to buy something in your industry and I've got two people competing for my business, and one is just sending emails while the other is investing in their relationship with me before I've spent a single penny with them, who do you think I'll spend my money with?

It's obvious, right?

As the price of postage creeps up, the number of your competitors who are willing to invest in print marketing decreases, meaning the impact of your print newsletter increases significantly.

So if you're COMPLETELY unique in your industry and you haven’t got a SINGLE competitor, you’re on a playing field on your own. But if there are other people on your pitch, a print newsletter is a way of turning the whole game to your advantage.

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Nick Fisher