Lauren's car goes back in September, so we're on the hunt for her next set of wheels.

Unfortunately, finding the ideal car is no walk in the park.

First of all, we've got to consider our pooch, Max.

He's about the same height as me when stood on his hind legs and, as the 'Big' in 'Big Fish' suggests, I'm the right side of 6 foot.

But, to overcomplicate matters further, we've now got a baby too.

Despite only being 9 weeks old, she's already taking up the entire back row of seats in the car (with Max in the boot).

So I've been scouring AutoTrader, looking for the right car for the job.

I won't be buying a car through Auto Trader though. Not on your nelly.

You see, while I'm big into my cars, I'm far from a gifted mechanic.

I know where the engine is meant to be, and to check the car turns over, but I don't even know what a cam belt looks likes.

That's why when it comes to actually procuring a vehicle, I'll be doing it through my friend Kamran, who owns MotorServ.

It's no secret that you need to know, like, and trust someone before you buy from them, and that's truer than ever in industries like the motor industry, where there's a higher than average number of shysters.

I'll use Kam because I know he'll find me the ideal car, at the right price, and he'll take care of me if anything goes wrong.

So, what are you doing to create trust in your marketplace?

If you're stuck for ideas, drop me an email and we'll come up with some straightforward strategies.

Nick Fisher