Get out of the way

I made the most of the sunshine yesterday and took Max, our Goldendoodle, round the park.

Here he is with Lauren, looking for squirrels.

As we strolled along the path, a crazed biker came zooming towards us at breakneck speed.

He showed no sign of slowing down as he approached us, instead opting to furiously ring the bell fixed to his handlebars.

We moved out of his way, mainly because he was only 5 or 6 years old and was being chased by his mum who was apologising profusely to all of the pedestrians left stunned in the wake of his rampage.

Thing is, it's funny when children do stuff like this.

But time and time again I see business owners doing the same thing when it comes to their marketing.

They storm along, doing what they want to do, and expecting their prospects to fall over themselves to become customers.

But unless you're riding a Thomas the Tank Engine bike with stabilisers, that approach won't fly.

Instead, consider what your audience is looking for, and tailor your market to meet their desires.

Nick Fisher