Splittesting hairs

Lauren and I do our bit to look after the planet.

We've both got reusable coffee cups, we swapped all of our lightbulbs for the energy saving LED sort, and we take far more than showers than we have baths.

But we could always do more.

We could stop using any plastic altogether.

We could install solar panels and refuse to use any electricity generated from fossil fuels.

We could gather rainwater and use that to wash.

But we won't. And that's ok.

I used to be obsessed with tracking and measuring the impact of different marketing activities.

I was constantly looking for ways to drive down PPC costs by a few pence or drive up conversion rates by a single %.

But here's the thing.

You can always do better.

You can always do more to save the planet, and you can always do more to get better results from your marketing.

But rather than focussing on making difficulty 1% or 2% improvements, think about the low hanging fruit that offer 10% or 20% improvements.

For instance, rather than trying to squeeze an extra 1% saving out of your PPC ads, is there another medium you could utilise to double your leads?

Nick Fisher