"But they're disappearing soon"

It's Easter soon. I know that for a fact.

It's not that I stay up to date with the Christian holidays...

Or even the school holidays...

It's the eggs.

A few weeks ago the Easter eggs starting cropping up in all of our local supermarkets.

And Lauren LOVES an Easter egg.

In fact, we get through at least a dozen before Easter even arrives.

At first, it doesn't make much sense.

They appear to use the same chocolate as in their chocolate bars - if not a slightly inferior version.

But it doesn't take the strongest grasp of marketing and persuasion to understand Lauren's love of Easter eggs.

Limited availability is a powerful tool when compelling your prospects to take action. 

There are a couple of straightforward ways you can create effective scarcity:

#1. Deadlines.

Once Easter's past, so are the eggs.

That's reason enough for Lauren to keep buying them when they're around.

#2. Fast Movers

Whenever we run a launch, you'll notice there's a bonus on offer for the first X number of people to take action.

This is a smart strategy you should be using, as there'll always be a big chunk of your buyers who wait until right before the deadline to act.

This step will create immediate buyers, as long as the bonus or offer is compelling enough.

Anyway, better dash. Lauren's just run out of Easter eggs.

Nick Fisher