Selling made simple

I've never seen myself as a natural salesman. I've never really wanted to, really.

Not in the traditional sense, where I picture slicked back hair, headsets and poor morals.

And, while it may not be a popular opinion, I think that Grant Cardones and The Wolf of Wall Streets are unpleasant unethical people.

So, as a result of not wanting to be like these characters I dislike so much, I always shied away from making sales calls.

But despite that fact, I still have conversations with prospects on the phone, and plenty of them have become clients - all without me doing any pitching.

For me, it's all about greasing the slide.

Moving the sales message forward and delivering it through a different medium, so that by the time you hop on the phone with someone, it's a simple case of working out when they'd like to get started.

If you're anything like me, it makes life and customer acquisition far more straightforward.

So how do you do it?

There are a few ways, actually:

1. Send regular value led emails.

Consistent communication creates trust.

No fly-by-night operator is going to go through the effort of sending out 3 value driven emails every single week for 12 months straight.

2. Pre-qualify

If you're having regular conversations with prospects who are an awful fit for your business, there's a problem.

Even if there's no formal application process to become a customer or client, your marketing message and pricing should enable your audience to self-select.

If they're getting to the point of buying without realising they're a terrible fit, you need to address that.

3. Demonstrate your value

We produce high-quality, monthly print newsletters for our clients. 

So the most straightforward thing for us to do if someone is considering coming on board is to show them examples of what we've produced in the past.

As a result, the sales conversations I have - if you want to call them that - are with business owners who understand the value of a print newsletter, have seen the quality of what we produce first hand, and know what the cost is.

If you've been uhm-ing and ahh-ing about letting us take care of your print newsletter and would like to see some of the stuff we've produced for our existing clients, drop me a line and let me know.

Nick Fisher