2 reasons you should delete your blog TODAY

I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened.

Or even who's responsible.

But at some point in the last couple of decades, someone decided that every website needs a blog.

Now, having a blog on your website isn't necessarily a bad thing.

That’s exactly what you’re reading right now, after all.

But the vast majority of business owners make the same mistakes when it comes to their blog:

#1. They have one because someone once told them they should, regardless of whether it's a sensible fit for their marketing strategy.

Content marketing can be a smart way of building a relationship with your prospects.

If you provide lots of insight and value to your audience, there's a good chance you'll become their supplier of choice when they decide to make a purchase.

But for plenty of businesses, this educational content is an unnecessary step.

I'm not going to read up on a replacement cable for my phone. I'm just going to pick the one with the best reviews and/or best price from Amazon.

The same goes for the majority of transactional purchases.

Are you creating extra work for yourself by producing blog content for no reason?

#2. They don't keep it up to date.

Most business owners possess a certain level of expertise in their sector.

That's often how businesses are born in the first place.

So the first couple of blog posts flow fairly easily.

After all, when it's new and exciting AND you know the subject inside out, the words tend to virtually write themselves.

But by the third or fourth post, most run out of steam.

If a prospect ends up on your blog and discovers the last post was written in September 2017, it does more harm than the existence of the blog does good.

My advice? If you can't post consistently - whether that's daily, weekly or even monthly - you're better off scrapping your blog.

Last year I decided to take my own advice, and since then I've been writing 3 pieces of content every single week.

And honestly, even I'm shocked by the impact it's had on the number of enquiries we get as a result.

And here's the thing:

Plenty of businesses would benefit tremendously from producing regular, high-quality content that engages with their audience, but few do.

That's what makes the work we do at Ink Newsletters so valuable.

Because we're able to take away all of the hassle and energy from the content creation, and help businesses like yours to leverage content marketing to acquire more clients, get more referrals, and increase retention.

If you've spotted yourself in the mistakes listed in this email and you're interested finding out how we could do this for your business, get in touch and let's talk.

Nick Fisher