Is that normal?

After more than nine and a half months of waiting, our daughter was born on the 21st of last month.

Lauren and I are both first-time parents so, whilst we prepared ourselves as much as possible, we're experiencing plenty of new challenges when it comes to caring for a baby.

Mostly, we're asking each other:

"Is that normal?"

"Is her poo meant to be that colour, or that consistency?"

"She only ate an hour ago. Should she be hungry again already?"

"Are you cold? I'm cold. Do you think she's got enough clothing on?"

Neither of us knows the answer, so we'll grab our phones and give it a Google.

Now, if you've ever done this, you too will have unearthed dozens of forums online where some parents are asking the same questions, and others are weighing in with their two cents.

But here's the thing.

While they undoubtedly mean well, and may even be correct, I won't make a decision off the back of the opinions of these self-proclaimed experts.

If I want an answer I can trust, I'll get it direct from the NHS website.

Chances are your prospects go through a similar journey when looking for answers to questions around the product or service you provide.

There's a wealth of information online, but they don't know whose opinion they can trust.

That's why it's critical you position yourself as a market expert if you want to attract more high-value customers.

There are a few ways you can do this, but none are as effective as a monthly print newsletter. If you need help with yours, let’s have a chat.

Nick Fisher