How do you clean a speedboat?

I'm nuts about cars. Always have been.

But when it comes to caring for automobiles, my neighbour definitely takes the top spot.

He's out washing his car every week. Even in the winter.

He's got all the gear - or so he claims.

He's tried to tell me about the different waxes he uses and the order he uses them in. He bangs on about "beading" and "acid rain" at length.

He's just bought a speedboat too. God knows what he'll be cleaning that with.

I'm sure I'll hear about it soon enough.

I don't wash my own car. I pay the blokes down the road to do it.

Some people prefer to do stuff themselves, and that's fine.

But if you know your business could benefit from sending a monthly print newsletter, but you lack the resource, ability or inclination to do it yourself, we should talk.

Nick Fisher