Hide the remote

Plenty of people lose their remotes.

I hide ours.

You see, we seem to keep seeing adverts from Travel Republic.

Lauren HATES Travel Republic, and I worry that she's going to catapult the remote at the screen whenever one of their adverts come on.

In fairness, I don't particularly like them.

A couple of years ago we went on our first proper holiday as a couple.

A relaxing week in Mexico. All-inclusive at a lovely 5* hotel.

We booked it through Travel Republic. Neither of us had used them before, but they had great reviews online and were ATOL protected.

Everything went smoothly until we reached the hotel.

The place was beautiful, but they couldn't find our booking in the system.

"It's not an issue," we were assured. We've got one of those rooms available.

I thought nothing more of it until, a couple of days in, the phone in the room rung.

It was reception.

"Mr Fisher, just to let you know that we've spoken to Travel Republic and we're struggling to obtain payment for them for the room."

Not ideal, especially when we'd paid Travel Republic months earlier.

I spent the rest of the holiday going back and forth between reception and various call centre employees from Travel Republic.

They gave us all the excuses in the book for why the room hadn't been booked or paid for, and why they weren't able to pay now.

"We're trying to pay them, but they won't accept the money."

"We've sent the money, but it came back."

"They gave us the wrong account number so it was declined."

"Our payments take 7 days to show."

This left us in a tricky position when, at the end of the holiday, the hotel told us they were unable to return our passports and let us leave until the room was paid for.

Worse yet, we'd have to pay the 'walk in' rate. Not the rate we'd paid through Travel Republic.

This dragged on for a couple of months before we received the money back from Travel Republic, but the damage was done.

Whenever a friend, family member, or complete stranger mentions Travel Republic, we'll tell them about our experience.

I can't think when I told someone how wonderful Thomson is.

That's the thing with word of mouth. Your customers are far more likely to talk about a bad experience than a good one.

That's why you need to do the work to get your customers sharing their positive experiences.

One way to do that is with a print newsletter.

Drop me an email if you'd like to know how.

Nick Fisher