What a banker

If you're desperate to be hated by the majority of the UK population, there are a few career paths to choose from.

Traffic wardens are a solid choice. Politicians a safe bet too.

But if you really want to incite hatred, becoming a banker seems to be the best choice.

I'm not going to join in on the 'banker bashing', but I saw some truly catastrophic marketing from Barclaycard recently that I wanted to share with you:

They claim that, in an attempt to avoid you worrying about FOMO - 'fear of missing out', they're going to be running offers all the time.

Missed one balance transfer deadline?

Worry not, they'll be another one next week.

Any good offer needs a deadline. That's what motivates people to take action...

...but as soon as you enter the world of perpetual offers, any impact of a deadline soon dissipates.

Just think of SCS.

No one rushes out to buy a sofa before their offer expires, because everyone knows they've always got an offer one.

Offers and deadlines work like gangbusters. But deploy them wisely.

Used too much, your customers can become 'offer blind' and no discount will change that.

Nick Fisher