Alcoholic and Dec

I'm not a big one for celebrity gossip.

I couldn't name a single person from Love Island, I've never watched a single episode of Big Brother, and I couldn't care less which Z-Lister has had a nose job.

But I was interested to hear that Ant and Dec are rumoured to be getting back together to present Britain's Got Talent.

I, like most Brit's, like the Geordie duo.

Their act is always well polished, entertaining, and delivered perfectly.

But it's no secret that Ant's been in hot water recently over his drug and alcohol problems.

He crashed it car, went to rehab, got dropped from I'm a Celeb. Not good.

Most celebrities who've had a year like that would have been forced into early retirement.

But not Ant.

It says a lot about the strength of relationship Ant (and Dec) have with the British audience and the reputation they've built over the last 30 years that the idea of them coming back to the screen is even a consideration.

Your reputation in business isn't much different.

I'm not suggesting you reach for a bottle of vodka and half a packet of paracetamol.

If you consistently communicate with your audience, add value, and provide your customers with the best possible product or service, you create relationship equity.

Then, when you make a mistake, or run an aggressive sales campaign, you won't lose your audience.

You'll only lose a small amount of the equity you've created.

Nick Fisher