Lettuce remember the consequences

I spent the first few years of my working life in hospitality.

Much of that time I worked in the kitchen at a local gourmet burger restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, we got through a tremendous amount of lettuce.

It would arrive by the crate load, and it would fall on the newest or youngest chef to undertake the laborious task of preparing the lettuce for service.

That meant pulling out the tough core, before painstakingly washing and then drying the leaves using a salad spinner (that could only fit a single lettuce worth of leaves at a time).

This task often fell to the same young man, Daryl.

Daryl wasn't terrible at his job, but he loved a shortcut.

Anything that would make his job easier was top on his list of priorities.

So one day, Daryl decided it was a waste of time washing all the lettuce, and chose to only wash the leaves that he thought looked dirty.

In fairness to him, Daryl wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box, and he considered this a sensible corner to cut.

But when Chris, the kitchen manager, caught him in the act, he didn't share Daryl's view.

And when Chris explained that the bacteria from the soil had the potential to seriously hurt or even kill someone, Daryl soon resumed his lettuce washing duties with renewed vigour.

It was an appreciation of the consequences that ultimately changed Daryl's behaviour.

The realisation of what would happen if he didn't do something.

That same effect can be used to jolt your prospects into taking action.

If you're doing a half-decent job at marketing yourself, your prospects will have an idea of what will happen if they decide to buy from you.

They'll understand how their life will change for the better.

But do you tap into what will happen if they DON'T?

How they'll wake up 1 week, 1 month, 1 year from now in the exact same position they're in today. 

So my question to you today:

What will happen if you DON'T make an investment in consistently marketing your business?

Or, more importantly, what WON'T happen?

Nick Fisher