Where should you start?

I had a reply from an email I sent last week from a lovely man.

We'll call him Ken, because that was his name.

Ken wanted to have a chat about Ink Newsletters to see if it would be a good way to market his business.

I was getting ready to walk the dog when his email landed in my inbox so, a few minutes later when I arrived at the park, I gave him a call.

We spoke for 20 minutes or so and I quickly ascertained that a print newsletter wasn't a smart thing to do for his business.

Well, not the first thing to do anyway.

You see, it was immediately obvious that Ken was a switched-on guy, and had a long list of sensible ways to market his business.

Problem is, most of the ideas never made it off the list.

The day-to-day tasks of running the business take priority, and the overwhelming list of things Ken could be doing continued to grow.

It's a common position business owners find themselves in.

Lots of great ideas. No time to implement them.

So none of them done.

There's a saying I often refer to:

"Imperfect activity trumps perfect inactivity", and this is never truer than when looking at marketing your business.

If, like Ken, you've got a long list of ways you want to market your business, pick just one or two, and get them out the door.

And, if you're struggling to choose, start with something that's worked well before.

Nick Fisher