Tim's "little secret"

I was sat working in a local gastropub recently last Thursday.

I made the mistake of going at 1pm - prime time for the 'working lunch' - and found myself sat next to a table of four men, one of whom was clearly the client.

This man, a convincingly overweight man in his 50s, spent at least 15 minutes educating the younger, slimmer guests, on how best to get in shape.

And according to this man, Tim, nutrition is irrelevant.

"Running is the first step to getting fit", apparently.

But Tim also let them in on a "little secret" that most people overlook:

"Stretching your muscles and drinking a protein shake in quick succession."

These three activities - running, stretching and drinking protein - done separately, would have little effect. But when combined, worked fantastically well.

Now, I don't claim to be a health and fitness expert, but I know enough to know this bloke was full of the proverbial.

Getting into shape is as simple as moving more and eating less.

If you're burning more calories than you're consuming, you'll lose weight. That's scientific fact.

But time and time again I hear people like Tim peddling the same rubbish when it comes to marketing.

Talk of complex funnels that need to be assembled in a particular order, with precise colours and specific 'power words'. The need to use a particular CRM or software to schedule your tweets or platform for your blogs.

But, as with getting into shape, effective marketing is straightforward:

Find your market. Craft your message. Choose a suitable medium.

There's always be considerations for the way you market your business, but don't overcomplicate things.

In short, don't listen to Tim. Do the simple stuff that works and watch what happens.

Nick Fisher