We probably shouldn't work together

If I worked at the Grant Cardone's office, I'd likely be treated like a lame horse...

Taken outside and shot.

You see, while I enjoy a good acronym as much as the next guy, I'm not a big fan of his 'ABC' mantra.

Always. Be. Closing.

Because the service we provide at Ink Newsletters isn't right for most businesses, and it would cause irreparable damage to both my conscience and integrity if I ignored that fact and sold to them anyway.

I've spoken before about the 3 Ms of marketing.

Market. Message. Media. They're in that order for a reason.

First, you work out who your market is.

Next, you craft your message.

And only then do you choose the right medium to deliver your message to your market.

Choosing your medium first is like trying to build a jigsaw from the middle out - with half of the pieces missing.

I know from experience that a high-quality, monthly print newsletter is one of the most effective ways of converting prospects into customers, getting referrals, and increasing retention rates...

...for the right business.

It's not a magic bullet.

It won't fix poor customer service, make a crap product good, or stop your staff turning up late.

But when deployed into an already first-rate business - one with a proven product or service and the ability to spend money on marketing without the need for instant results - a print newsletter can work like rocket fuel.

If you're not sure whether one would work for your business or not, hit reply and I'll guide you in the right direction.

Nick Fisher