My worst ever subject line

I sent two emails in one day last Wednesday.

No, I wasn't taking the 'daily' email piece to another level and starting a 'twice daily' email.

I'd actually meant to schedule the second email for the Friday, but hit the wrong button and sent it immediately instead.

I don't normally schedule my emails, but with the impending arrival of Baby Fish, I wanted to get a few emails lined up in case I was otherwise occupied and/or covered in amniotic fluid.

But, whilst not ideal, it was by no means the biggest balls up I've ever made when it comes to emails.

Not by a long way.

I don't know the exact figure, but I've sent 1000+ marketing emails in the last ten years. And, as you'd expect with that sort of volume, I've made every mistake you can imagine.

I've sent product specific emails to the wrong list.

I've put broken links, the wrong links, and forgotten links altogether.

I've messed up the 'merge tag' that inserts the recipients first name into the email, so it reads "Hey ~FirstName~".

And, early on in my marketing career when I was writing emails on behalf of the business owner I worked for, I used the subject line:

"The mistake your making with you're marketing".

Now, to be clear, I understand how apostrophes work - I'm the first person to pick someone up on one they've misplaced or misused - but I'd completely missed it on this occasion.

A few people replied with praise - applauding the sharp wit they assumed we'd deployed intentionally - but far more responded to explain how idiotic it was.

It was hard to argue with them.

But I continue emailing. And it continues to work.

It's remarkably easy to get caught up on the 'what ifs' of emailing your list.

What if someone unsubscribes?

What if someone takes offence?

What if I make a mistake?

What if someone reports me to the ICO?

But in every scenario I've ever come across, the benefit of regular communication with your audience far outweighs any potential issues.

So, if you're not communicating with your audience regularly, now's the time to start.

Nick Fisher