A hoard of frenzied shoppers

I don't think I've ever met anyone who particularly enjoys the supermarket shop.

Yes, there are spendaholics who'll get a thrill from blowing £10,000 on a Selfridges spending spree, but few would say the same about doing so in their local Asda.

Asda is not my favourite supermarket. But it is our closest.

So that's where I did our 'big shop' yesterday.

I left Lauren at home. Considering she could give birth any second, I worried the immeasurable excitement of a trip there could mean delivering Baby Fish in the frozen meat aisle.

As I perused the shelves for the finest semi-skimmed milk I could find, I noticed what can only be described as a hoard of frenzied shoppers.

I checked the date. 

No, not Black Friday.

And then a small, timid man, with a look on his face that said 'he had seen things', emerged from the crowd.

On his back, a dishevelled Asda uniform.

In his hand, a small labelling gun, half full of yellow reduced stickers.

Now, I hope I'll never have to get a job in a supermarket because it would signify something had gone seriously wrong.

But if I did, the job I would NEVER want to is the one where you mark down the 'nearly out of date' food.

There are probably jobs like that in your business. I know there are some in mine.

So I don't do them. I find someone else to do them instead.

That leaves me the time to do what I enjoy most and thrive at:


Unless you're some sort of marketing agency, there's a good chance you didn't get into business because you love marketing.

It's likely because of a skill or talent you have, and an opportunity you saw.

And if like the majority of business owners I speak to, marketing isn't something you want to be doing...

Find someone to do it for you!

Whether that's having me and my team handle your monthly print newsletter, having Ed write your weekly emails, or having Tash run your PPC...

If you don't want to do it, make sure it still gets done - even if you have no involvement.

Nick Fisher