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A Monthly Print Newsletter Is One of The Easiest And Most Effective Ways To Turn Prospects Into Customers, Increase Retention Rates, Get More Referrals, And Build Stronger Relationships With Your Clients.

As a business owner, you probably know that sending monthly printed newsletters is one of the most powerful ways to get more customers for your business, but when did you last send one?

Have you started one before, but the whole process of designing, writing and posting the newsletters become such a nightmare that your newsletter quickly became bimonthly, then quarterly, then annually, before stopping altogether?

Sending monthly printed newsletters helps you stay top of mind with your clients, ensuring they not only buy from you, but actively refer as well. In addition, your customers will pass your print newsletter around, which will create trust and greater goodwill with your prospects. It really makes the customer conversion process so much simpler.


turn prospects into customers

A print newsletter is extremely effective for keeping front of mind with your prospects to make sure when they’re ready to buy, you’re their first choice.


elevate customer value

Keep in touch with your top customers and clients to build and strengthen relationships, and make them aware of other ways you can work together.


increase number of referrals

It’s widely recognised that customers who are referred to you are of a higher quality and lifetime value. Your print newsletter is the perfect way of getting more of them.

“Working with Ink Newsletters is probably the smartest marketing decision I've made this year.”

“Nick warned me that it can take a couple of editions to gather momentum, so I couldn't believe it when the orders started flying in when our newsletter landed.

The enquiries and orders are still coming in now and at this rate, we'll have paid for our entire year's spend off the back of our first newsletter!”

Simon Heap / Fastline Group

Simon Heap

We Take Care of Everything

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably got a million and one things on your to do list.

Even if you know the value of a print newsletter, the chances of all of the work writing, designing and printing one are unlikely to be your top priority.

That’s where we come in.


Our Process

When we created Ink, we thought carefully about how to make the process as straightforward as possible for you, the business owner.

Our simple 4-step process means you’re free to focus on building your business, not licking stamps.

Step #1. We Speak For 20 Minutes.

Each month you’ll jump on a call with one of our copywriters. This should only take around 20 minute and they’ll work with you to extract the topics, ideas and content that can be used to craft compelling copy your audience will want to read.

Step #2. We Write The Content.

Armed with all the information they’ve gleaned from your call, one of our expert copywriters will write all of the content for your newsletter. The style of writing will be tailored to suit your business and readers to ensure the best results.

Step #3. We Design Your Newsletter.

Now that we've got all the copy, the works falls to one of our professional designers to work it into the bespoke design template we've created specially for you. They'll source high quality imagery and use your brand assets to create an eye catching newsletter your audience will be drawn to.

Step #4. We Print & Fulfil.

Finally, we'll take care of all of the print and fulfilment of your newsletter every month, so you won't have to attempt a mail merge, work out how to print on those pesky labels, or lick a single stamp. Truth is, we want to do this for you because then we know it'll definitely happen. That's why we pass on the heavily discounted costs we've negotiated directly to you.


 “All of the results and hardly any of the work!”

“I used to do a newsletter and it generated sales, but it took too much of my time to do so it sort of fizzled out. I love working with Ink because I get all of the results, and hardly any of the work!”

Nicky Salazar | PSD Ice Art

Simon Heap

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